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At Capital Bank, we combine world-class expertise with personalized, home-town banking services. Learn how our knowledge, passion and integrity can help you achieve your financial goals.

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Not all personal checking accounts are created equal. Let us help you find the one that’s right for you.

Online Payments

Do you find yourself using a debit card to make most of your everyday purchases? Open a CashBack Checking with CashBack Saver account and get rewarded each time you make a debit card purchase.

Online Banking

Let your money work for you. Smart Checking is a rewards account that also allows you to earn interest on your checking account balance.

Borrowing Services

Whether you’re shopping for a home, car, boat, or simply consolidating bills, we have the right loan for you. Learn more.

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Mortgage Calculator

Our mortgage calculators can help you calculate monthly payments, the difference between renting vs. owning, refinance break-even points and more.

Future Home

Looking to finance a home renovation, big ticket item or even consolidate debt? Find out how you can tap into the equity of your home to make your dreams and plans a reality.

Home Financing

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make. Capital Bank's Mortgage Loan Consultants will help you identify the best financial plan for you and set you up with the right mortgage loan to meet your needs.

Investment and Retirement

Whether we’re evaluating your personal finances, insurance coverage, estate plan or investments, we consider all of the financial factors in your life when creating your personalized wealth and retirement plan.

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Dreaming about retirement won’t help you get there. Let us help make it a reality. We offer a wide array of individual retirement accounts, including both Traditional and Roth IRAs.


Learn how our financial consultants can offer you access to sophisticated financial, insurance, and estate planning services and products.

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Looking for a longer term savings option that will maximize your return on investment? Open a CD and capitalize on a higher secured interest rate all while having peace of mind in knowing your funds are fully insured up to allowable FDIC limits.