Switch Kit

Welcome to Capital Bank. We’ve developed the 5-Step Capital Bank Switch Kit, a step-by-step checklist with all the forms that you’ll need to make the switch from your current bank to Capital Bank. This checklist will help simplify your transition while ensuring your complete satisfaction right from the start.

Account Switch Kit

The 5-Step Capital Bank Switch Kit is the easy way to move your checking account.

  1. Open your new Capital Bank checking account at your local Capital Bank office.
  2. Stop actively using the account you want to close. As soon as possible, you should stop writing checks, initiating payments, and using your ATM/Debit Card to allow all transactions to clear and a final balance amount to be determined.
  3. Establish or switch your Direct Deposit(s) to your new Capital Bank account. Notify your employer, or other sources that deposit funds into your old account, that you are switching your checking account to Capital Bank.

To set up direct deposit, you will need:

Once you have this information, complete your Direct Deposit form and send it to the company(s) that makes the Direct Deposit into your account.

  1. Transfer your Automatic Payments such as recurring loan payments, Internet service providers, health club memberships, etc. from your former bank account to your new Capital Bank account.

The following items will be needed:

Once you have the necessary information to or transfer your automatic payments, complete the Automatic Payments/Transfer Request Form and send it to your biller.

  1. Close your former bank account. Once your last check, automatic deposits/withdrawals, and automatic payments have cleared, you are ready to close your former account.

To instruct your former bank to close your account, you will need:

You’re done! It’s that EASY. Your friendly Capital Bank Banker can help you each step of the way.

Helpful Forms:
5-Step Checklist
Account Organizer